Friday, February 18, 2011

Ready, Set ... CHANGE!

Sigh ... it's really all I've got to say about it ... :)

Thursday morning as we were about to head out the door for me to bring Aaron to work, he received a call from the lady dealing with our move on the immigration/visa side of things.  Turns out that since Arris, doesn't have a physical office in Austria, Austria will not issue a spousal visa for me.  Meaning I can come for 90 days to Europe, but then I have to leave for 90 days, then go back and so on and so forth.  Well we all know THAT ain't happening!

So... we're moving back to Amsterdam!  Everything will still be the same as if we were going to Vienna, only it'll be Amsterdam.  The Dutch are kind enough to issue me a spousal visa ... :)  Maybe having a bit of Dutch blood in me is what is helping this along, I don't know! :)

Also, since they can't get the visa for Austria, and they won't be able to get one quick enough for Holland, Aaron isn't leaving on the 20th anymore.  We are both flying out on March 11th now.  Which is kinda nice, since I wasn't really looking forward to flying half way around the world by myself!

Hopefully all the people that mentioned they wanted to come visit us in Austria, will still come visit us in Holland.  It too is a country full of diversity and history.  It may be flat, but it has its perks and good points!

The moving date is set for the 25th.  The movers/packers will be here in the morning, and I'm told will have everything done by the end of the day.  I was going to move in with some friends, since staying in a hotel alone isn't that much fun, but since Aaron is still around, the company is putting us up in a hotel.  :) Hopefully one with an indoor pool and a hot tub.  Might as well enjoy ourselves! :)

So yeah ... see you in Amsterdam?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

T minus four days ...

Well last week the "dotted" line was signed ... the package was accepted, and our life was changed ... :)

Aaron leaves in four and a half days ... one last weekend, one last Sunday at RCC together ... :(

I don't know when I'm leaving yet ... I'd like to swing out to Colorado first to visit a friend, but that may or may not work .. I'm hoping it does!

So I'm sorting, and packing and trying to decide what I "need" and "have to have" with me for the next few years, as well as what I would like, or what can go into storage.

We sold our stove, but are still hoping to find someone to purchase our couches ... interested?

Its going to be an interesting few weeks yet ... :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

and .... we're off!

Well Aaron is off at least ... my departure is still up in the air, but probably close to the first week of March sometime!

Aaron booked his ticket last week, and leaves in two weeks.  The moving company is coming in to do an estimate later this week, and I really need to start making strong decisions on what stays (storage), what goes (sell), and what comes with (move).

We are in contact with a relocation company, that will bear the burden of packing our things, getting them through customs and to Austria for us.  They are also helping us locate a rental place in Austria, which is nice, because its not that easy to find a home from thousands of miles away ...

Keep your eyes open for a list of items that are going to be sold ...