Friday, August 31, 2012

it's been a while again ....

So many things have happened since I last posted!

After my family left in early May, we tried to settle into a good routine, but you know how that goes, right?  Right out the window!  Not much more unpacking was done, Chloe kinda took over my life! {Which, it turns out, was a good thing}

Early June saw Xandria coming to visit for a weekend, to see us, but mainly to meet her sister! :)  Mid June we spent a week at the coast at Family Camp from church.  Was a good time relaxing and catching up with friends, listening to good teaching on singing.  Also in here, Chloe had another photo shoot!  Pictures will come for those that haven't seen them on Facebook yet!

In July we headed up to Port Angeles and Sequim Washington for Aaron's 20th class reunion.  We had a good time catching up with old friends of his.  We also spent a few hours visiting with his Mom, so that Chloe could meet her Grammy!  They hit it off really well! :)

Mid August, one of my brothers and his wife came for a three day visit!  Chloe loves her uncle Scott!  We had a great visit, too short of course, but precious in each moment! :)  Xandria came back for the weekend, the day after my family left.  We had lots of fun again.

Xandria left on Tuesday, and Saturday... well Saturday we moved into our new home! :)

So through out the whole summer, from Family Camp till the second last week of August, we were rushing around like madmen trying to submit all the documents needed to get into our home.  It worked, with only a few weeks of sleepless night, and a couple more gray hairs.

So welcome to our new home:

I'm heading off to Canada for a few weeks, with Chloe, but after I get back, and the rest of the boxes get unpacked, I'll do a post about the house, with pictures.  Right now, I'm off to search more boxes for my coffee grinder!