Monday, November 15, 2010

Two more weeks ...

Well we are back from Italy (as I'm sure you all have realized by now) and counting down the days till we head back to our home in the States.

Before we leave though, we are heading to Austria for four days. We are flying out early Sunday the 21st and returning early Thursday the 24th. While we are in Austria we are going to visit Hungary and Slovakia. Which will bring our total country count to 10! :)

I haven't gone out much in the last week since we've been back from Italy, its been really windy and rainy, which doesn't lend itself to taking pictures really! This week is supposed to be chilly, but sunny/cloudy mostly, so I'm hoping to get out and do somethings yet. Not sure if there will be pictures taken or not, but I'll be hitting the street market one last time for a few gifts, as well as the floating flower market downtown. Also I have to fit in packing up this week and cleaning the apartment too. Hopefully my knees will allow that all to happen, they have been quite sore lately, and I'm not sure why.

I'm sure I'll post while we are in Austria, or when we get back to Amsterdam before we head out for the US on the 29th!

See most of you in two weeks!



  1. Many many blessings, Brenda, we're greatly looking forward to you guys at our table Thursdays. Praying for your knees!

  2. Hurray! You ARE coming home someday soon! :) Miss you and can't wait to talk about your trip face-to-face over breakfast soon. Enjoy your last few weeks.