Monday, August 23, 2010

It's here!!!

We’re leaving, on a jet plane!

In two and a half weeks, we’ll be getting on a plane, and heading for land over seas!  Or as some people like to refer to it as, “the other side of the pond” … but this is one big pond! :)
All these different things are going through my head on what I need to pack with us, what really isn’t necessary to take, and what will make me distraught if I just absolutely don’t have it with! :)  We have decided that we are going to pick up the necessary toiletries when we get there, since we’ll have a grocery store right around the corner; according to google maps its about a 3 minute walk!  But yet there are certain things we use day to day that I’m not sure we’ll be able to find quickly or easily in Amsterdam that I’ll be packing along.
I’ve also decided that I’m going to pack along a “prop” for picture taking purposes.  A friend recently posted some pictures with Barbie in them, and someone else suggested that we are going to be like the Travelocity gnome – that’s what got me thinking of taking something with to photograph.  I have yet to decide what.  It’s going to be between one of my little stuffed giraffes and the pink gorilla we have.  I love giraffes, and have collected them for a number of years, and someday when we have kids, the baby room will be decorated in a giraffe theme.  The pink gorilla goes back to the days when Aaron & I were dating; he occasionally “threatened” to send a pink gorilla singing telegram to me at my office.  So one birthday I found a pink gorilla at a toy store and gave it to him.  :)  The giraffe will fit better in my camera bag though, so we’ll see what comes with.
Has anyone else ever done that on vacations?
Stay tuned to the blog to follow our story, and I’ll post a link to our online album as well for pictures, since I’m sure there will be too many for posting here!

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