Monday, August 23, 2010

The near future ...

For this all to make sense, I need to back up a bit…
A few months ago Aaron came home from work very excited and could barely wait to share something with me.  His boss had asked him how he felt about international travel.  Aaron LOVES international travel, so he was extremely happy when his boss asked if he would like to go to Europe for three to six months.  Being the great husband he is, Aaron said “yes, as long as my wife can come with.” :)   So plans waffled back and forth between Denmark, The Netherlands, and Spain.  The time frame changed from immediately (like May/June) to this summer, to our final time of this fall.
The plans are all lining up to fall into place right now, with us leaving the end of August for two months in Amsterdam, the Netherlands!! I am very excited and can’t wait!   Two weeks ago we got our plane tickets, and this morning the housing was nailed down! :)
I am looking forward to soaking up some of the Dutch culture and of course the pastries and dropjes! :)
If you want to come visit, drop me a line … we have some room!

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