Friday, January 28, 2011

Canada & Europe

I'm currently in Canada ... I surprised most of my family last week Thursday/Friday by just showing up.  I had conspired with my oldest sister in picking me up at the airport and just showing up at my parents place. :) It was quite a fun thing to do!

While I've been here visiting with my family, hanging out with some friends, and just generally trying to stay warm in what was frigid temps earlier this week, Aaron has been meeting with the people who are working on our expat package for moving to Austria.

We finally got some movement on it last Friday, and confirmation of a few more things on Wednesday.  Looks like we're going!  Aaron will probably be leaving around the 21st of February and if I can get everything else organized by then, I'll leave with him, otherwise I'll head out a week or so later.  We'll spend about a month in Amsterdam, and then move on to Vienna!

I can't believe that it is finally coming all together ... this really hasn't sunk in completely yet!  It'll be fun, a great learning experience, a cultural experience.  I can't wait!

If you are thinking/planning on coming, send me an email ( of when you think it would work for you, so I can keep track and block out that time in my "reservations" calendar!  We don't want to over book our "hotel" room! ;)

Now the process starts of what to think about taking with! Oh the fun!

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