Sunday, January 9, 2011

Packing our bags once again ...

Selling our stuff, paring down to the essentials, sticking things in storage, getting rid of our apartment, our car, saying good-bye to family and friends.

We are heading out to Europe again, specifically Vienna, Austria.  For two to three years.

Plans are moving very quickly, with Aaron leaving in about two weeks, and I'll take care of the loose ends here in Portland and follow behind around the end of February.

We are still in the negotiation stages and will know absolutely for sure this week, but it looks like we are going back to Europe.

Wanna come visit?


  1. Wow! Yes, yes I do want to come visit. But we got way too little time to see you during our brief overlap in Portland. We'll have to make a point of saying hello when we get back this week--and change our mailing address ASAP! But congratulations. I know this is an amazing opportunity.

  2. What??? Wow!! That's quite the big event! Hope all goes well.
    Did you get a chance to visit Vienna when you were last in Europe? It's a beautiful city, full of gorgeous parks, and very, very clean. I think you'll find it quite lovely :)

  3. Brenda Kulbe! You are moving to EUROPE!!?
    This is craziness! But how exciting!!

  4. Wishing you both all the best...looking forward to seeing your pictures! God bless!
    Jodi McNeil

  5. Good for you guys!!!!!!!!!!!! It all sounds very exciting! Wish we could come visit but with two little ones and a third on the way it doesn't seem very likely! We will have to enjoy Europe through your photos and blog:)