Saturday, September 24, 2011

Flowers, a Castle, all of Holland and a cold ...

Thursday morning my alarm went off at the unearthly hour of 6 am ... ugh!  Getting up that early isn't something fun for me to do! But we had plans for the day and needed to get to them!

We headed out to Aalsmeer, about 25 minutes away, to the FloraHolland flower auction/clock.  When we first got in to the viewing area, it was a little sad, because there were no flowers around and no activity at all.  But as we walked further into the viewing area, we came across more noise, more flowers and lots of activity.  It wasn't too busy, visitors wise, either, which was nice, not having to fight our way to see things! :)

After that we headed back to our place for a refreshing strong cup of coffee and planned for our next adventure of the day.  First off, try to get the bikes in the car.. no go, they are just too wide for our Peugot!

We headed out to Muiderslot to the castle and explored its rooms and areas.  We checked out the gardens, which sadly need some work!  Just beyond the gardens they had some owls and falcons hanging out, so we went over and checked them out.  We even got to pet one ... they are uber soft!

From there we were thinking of heading to the coast, but halfway there I thought maybe we should go check out Haarlem.  So we had lunch at this little cafe, facing out to the crowds walking past in the square, in true Dutch fashion.  Grace enjoyed her first Heineken and liked the first few sips, until it started to get warm.  She did more then I did when Aaron & I did the tour last fall!  We checked out the St. Bavo church and then headed out shopping!! :)

Friday we headed out to the Den Haag area to Maduradam, which is all of Holland in miniature.  Great way to see the highlights of a country! :)  The weather has turned to the beautiful, so it was a great day to walk around outside!  From there we headed into the city of Den Haag itself and after driving around in circles, I found a relatively close parking lot to the Prison Gate/Torture museum that interested Grace ... :) It was pretty cool to see, though we couldn't really understand a word of the tour, since the guy only did it in Dutch!  It was funny, because either he didn't know, or didn't care that we couldn't understand him, but he kept looking at us as he was doing his talk, like he was hoping we'd magically get it! :)

From there we hustled back to the car, since we were about 10 minutes over the time allotment I had paid for at the parking lot.  Hopefully we don't get a ticket in the mail! :)

Oh yes.  Cold.  I have a cold.  I'm pregnant and I have a cold.  This means that I can't take anything to help me feel better.  So I'm pregnant, I have a cold, and I look and feel pitiful.  Just so you know.

Here are the pictures.  Its the full album, so you may have to scroll down some.

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