Sunday, September 18, 2011


Saturday was a lazy rainy day here in Amstelveen.  Grace came over for breakfast in the morning and we just sat around relaxed most of the day.

The one big thing that we did do during the day, was book our time away in Switzerland! :) YEA!! Sadly Aaron can't come with us, so we'll go during the week, so that he isn't all alone on the weekends. We'll be gone the 27th to the 29th, and plan on taking a 2 hour boat cruise around Lac Leman as well as a cable car ride up one of the Alps! :)

This week I'm hoping to rent a car and hopefully we can go and explore different parts of the Netherlands, as well as head down to Belgium and Luxembourg.  Having the car will allow us to go and see other things, even though it'll probably be raining ... sigh ... where is the sun???

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