Monday, October 17, 2011

a crazy couple of weeks ...

So Grace has left the building.

This country will never be the same, since she is gone! :)  It was great having her here... we really enjoyed our time with her, laughing, talking, learning, traveling.  Her last week here seemed to go by really quickly!  We headed into Amsterdam a couple more times, to do some shopping, as well as take in some culture... you know, by visiting the wax museum, and taking a tour on a bike/carriage thing IN THE POURING RAIN ... :)  We also toured the Bols Museum ... such fun!

On one of the last trips into Amsterdam we had some time to kill before we met up with Aaron, so we decided to take one of the bike~carriage rides through Amsterdam.  A mere hour cost us €50 to have a strong man pedal us around the city.  It started off a beautiful cool sunny ride, and by the end we were huddled together under the plastic covering on the carriage, trying to stay warm and dry, as it rained, hailed and the wind blew from every which way ... let's just say that the cappuccino we got, went down really well! :)

The last Saturday that Grace was here we went back into Amsterdam, with Aaron, to the Bols Museum  and then dinner out at the Hard Rock Cafe for a good American burger ... :)

Grace with the "Iamsterdam" sign ... the typical tourist picture, we had to have at least one!

before alcohol was consumed ...

being able to smell all the different flavors available

they got to share my drink, since ya, I can't have any ... 

and need I say more? :)

waiting for our table at HRC 

So Grace has been gone for a week now ... and the good weather came back, just after she left ... its been chilly, so much so that I had to head to the storage unit to find a few sweatshirts, but the skies have been blue and the sun shining brightly!!  But it's going to end soon ... like tomorrow, when the rain comes back ... sigh!

Not much else has been going on, we've settled into our new room, and routine has pretty much come back with laundry and dishes and all that fun stuff.

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