Thursday, November 17, 2011

A bike ride in the sunshine! What a novel idea!

Back on the fourth of November I took advantage of the beautiful sunshine and went for a bike ride along the Amstel River.  I figured it was going to be one of the last times {and sadly one of the few times} I would be able to enjoy the sun with warmth for a while.

The route along the Amstel River took me past two different windmills.  At the second windmill, I was lucky enough to star in some Japanese tourist video! I was biking along and this tour bus stopped and all these guys {barely any females} came out and started taking pictures and video.  I noticed one guy training his video camera on me as I biked past, so I smiled and waved and carried on.  I'm famous now!! I wonder if I could find myself online somewhere?? :)

After I passed the second windmill, I only carried on a little bit further as I was getting hungry, but hadn't come across any little cafe's or restaurants to eat at.  I thought I had found the Amstel Park and was going to go walk through there to see what I could find to eat, but it turned out to be a cemetery.  Yeah they don't serve food there! :)

When I got home I routed my journey and found out that I had gone about 20 kms {about 12.5 miles}!! No wonder I was starving and had some sore thigh muscles.  The bike ride back had been mostly into the wind as well! :)

Since then the weather has turned, rainy days, foggy days and cold days!  Yesterday we had frost on the ground in the morning! :O  I guess winter is really coming!

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