Monday, March 26, 2012

Five weeks?!?!

WHAT??!! My baby is almost five weeks old already??? Where did the time go??

Yup, tomorrow Chloe will be five weeks old already!  Seems to go so quickly!!  How?

Our days are mostly filled with sleeping and playing and sleeping ... with the obligatory diaper change and feedings thrown in as well.  We chat with Grandma almost every day, and to some of the aunts as well during the week.  We walk down to get groceries every other day almost, since the fridge doesn't hold that much food.  But Chloe likes that.  The motion in the pram puts her right to sleep. :)

We took the bus to church a few weeks ago, and that was fun.  Chloe slept the entire trip there, the entire service, and started to wake as we left, but fell back asleep again as we started to walk back to the bus stop.  We haven't made it back again, since the weather wasn't that nice, cold and damp two weeks ago, and yesterday we had family coming to visit.  That was interesting, since they don't speak a whole lot of English and I don't speak a whole lot of Dutch!  But we got through about an hour long visit just fine! :)  Thankfully we have been able to log on and watch our church services from back in Oregon on the weeks we couldn't make it.

Speaking of Oregon, three more weeks and we'll be heading back.  Our stuff was picked up by the moving company last week, and we've received word that it is supposed to get put on a ship leaving April 2nd.  Which hopefully means we'll see it the beginning of May sometime.  YEA!!

The beginning of May is also when we plan on baptizing little Chloe.  Hopefully the gown Grandma made still fits!! :)

Here are some recent shots of Chloe:

one of her favorite sleeping positions

Mom!! Stop taking my picture!! 

her other favorite sleeping position ... and on Mom's bed :)

The album is here... enjoy!


  1. What a cutie! :)
    All the best with the upcoming move!

  2. Love it! She's adorable. Can't wait to kiss those chubby cheeks! :)

  3. So cute! Thanking God with you both that all has gone well!