Thursday, March 1, 2012

Introducing ...

 Chloe Tiena Kulbe!!

Just so you know ... the following is a semi-birth story ... nothing gory, I promise! :)

During my pregnancy, my blood pressure has always been a concern.  It would fluctuate between 120/80 and 170/100 ... so great to completely horrible!!

I was going in weekly for blood pressure checks, as well as blood work and urine tests semi weekly, to make sure I didn't have too much protein or other issues.

Thursday, Feb 9th I had an appointment and my BP was around 150/95, and they sent me up to the maternity ward for a CTG scan to make sure all was well with the baby.  The scan came back fine, her heartbeat was going strong and steady.  At my appointment on the 16th, I had to do blood work and urine test again, since my BP was high again.  I was also scheduled to go in on Saturday for another CTG.  Everything was fine.

Monday the 20th I had another appointment.  When she took my BP it was 170/100.  She consulted with a few of the other OB/Gyn's and decided that I should be admitted, with the thought that if my BP was still high in the morning, I may possibly be induced.  I was also at 2cm dilation already as well.  Monday put me at 37 weeks, 4 days.  They hooked me up to the CTG again, and as per usual, everything was fine. :)  Throughout the evening they took my blood pressure a couple of times and it was consistently elevated.  I did sleep pretty well most of the night, other then the time that the lady in the bed next to me went into labor and was taken out of the room.

Tuesday the 21st I was awoken to a typical Dutch hospital breakfast of bread and cheese or jam.  Yum!! :) LOL  They connected me to the CTG machine and took my BP.  It was 170/100 still.  A tech came and took a couple of vials of blood and I was left to "enjoy" my breakfast and listen to by daughters heartbeat through the machine.  Just before Aaron got back to the hospital in the morning, around 8:30, the two midwives came by to discuss that I was going to be induced because of my BP.

As Aaron arrived, Saida, our nurse for the day, arrived to take us down to the delivery suite.  I had the corner room, the largest room!! :) After a bit of poking and prodding they got the IV in that started the Oxytocin drip, the hormone drug of choice at this hospital for inductions.  This was all shortly after 9:00 am.  The midwife came in again, and did a quick check and I was still at about 2cm dilated.  About an hour later I was up to 3cm.  I did decide to go with the Remifentanil for pain relief.  It is an opiate that only takes the edge or crest off of the pain.

By around 2pm when they came to check me I was at 10cm and ready to push.  I pushed for about 36 minutes and she was born at 2:46 pm! :)

She was put on my chest and covered in blankets to keep warm.  She immediately grabbed one of my fingers and one of Aaron's.  We stayed that way for about 30 minutes, while I delivered the placenta.  That took about 26 minutes, so they called in one of the OB/Gyn's to help with that.  Aaron cut the cord while I just lay on the bed, trying to stay with it.

I wasn't able to move, sit up or do anything for quite some time ... since I lost so much blood  They said that I lost about 1-1/2 to 2 liters of blood.  After a while they brought in some food to us, since I hadn't had anything since breakfast, other then juice and water.  I figured I was feeling better after a couple of hours, and the nurse came to help me shower.  Thankfully Aaron had placed Chloe in the bed already, since when the nurse asked me to stand up I passed out, and she had to yell for him to come help her get me back into the chair.

Once I was sitting back in the wheelchair I was fine.  I was brought to my room and made as comfortable as possible.  Because I was so dizzy I did end up having to have a catheter, since I couldn't get out of bed to go to the bathroom.

Wednesday I was still feeling a little dizzy if the bed was put into to high of a sitting position, but it was starting to get better.  When they did my blood work my hemoglobin was at 4.5, so they gave me an intravenous of iron, in hopes that it would raise the levels enough to make things better.  The next morning when they checked they were still low, at 4.8 only.  So it was suggested to have a blood transfusion.  Aaron and I talked about it, and after discussions with the nurse, we did decide to go with it. Friday morning my levels were still only 5.2, but a bit more acceptable, so I was allowed to go home.

Day by day I'm feeling better.  My energy levels are still low, but I'm more able to get up and walk around and do things without feeling the need to rest for half an hour.

To see some pictures of Chloe, just follow this link.


  1. Thanks for the labor story...your daughter is beautiful! I clicked the link to see more pics, but the page wasn't found...are they the same as what has been shared on FB? I am so looking forward to you guys being back in Oregon! Until then, kiss Chloe for me ;-)

  2. Congratulations Brenda and Aaron! She's beautiful!
    Laura and Family :)

  3. So glad everything went as smoothly as possible under the circumstances! Take care and smooches for the little Miss!

  4. I missed reading this earlier! Going to go drool over the baby pictures now...

  5. Congrats! She's so beautiful! I can't wait for a snuggle. How 'bout I make you breakfast, and you let me have an hour long baby squeeze? ;)