Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thus far this week ...

Its been a pretty low key week for me, just relaxing and oh yeah, going to Germany, again. :)

Monday I went to a park and wondered around there, and realized when I got home that I had barely seen a 1/3 of it, if I was lucky ... so I might go back there tomorrow.

Tuesday I picked up the rental car and got Aaron from work around 12:30, and we then headed out to Germany again for him to see a customer.  I took the car on Wednesday and went "little town hopping". :)  I stopped in the little towns and saw the churches, and took pictures of them.

Thats about it...

I've added the pictures to the end of this album.  {After the windmill pictures)

This weekend we are heading up to Groningen area to visit with family.  :)

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