Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Zeeland, The Netherlands

My parents got back into Amstelveen on Friday, to spend the weekend with us again, before they headed back to Canada today {Tuesday May 3rd}.

Saturday was Koninginnedag {Queens Day} so we decided to leave the city and hopefully avoid the major crowds.  We headed south to the province of Zeeland.  We started off in Middelburg where they were having a "ring ride" along with the festivities for the Koninginnedag.  They had some beautiful horses there, all with some sort of adornment in either the tail or the mane.

From there we headed to a little town called Vrouwenpolder, and had lunch at a little cafe there.

We also met up with this inquisitive little goat.

From there we headed to the Deltaworks, a large dike system to hold back the water from the North Sea.  We stopped along the edge of the North Sea to see all the wind surfers!  There were lots!

We then checked out the little town of Zierikzee.  Check out the "Photoshop Things" tab to see a picture of my Dad playing soccer there!

Aaron & I had a really great time visiting with my parents, and being able to travel around the Netherlands, and see things through my Dad's eyes.  He has a lot of knowledge of different parts of the Netherlands, and loves to share it.  We will really miss my parents now that they have gone back to Canada.

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