Thursday, June 2, 2011

Two years, two continents, two countries and too much drama! :)

May 29, 2009 ~ a day I'll never forget, even though I'm sure certain parts will fade more into memory then they have already!  That is the day that I got married to my best friend, my companion, my love ...

It's been a whirlwind two years so far, hopefully the coming ones are just as exciting!  We've done quite a bit of traveling since we have been married, more so in the last 6 months.

In the USA we've been to
~ California
~ New Mexico
~ Idaho
~ Washington
~ Colorado

We've packed our bags, and our home, and moved to Europe as well.  Here we've been to
~ The Netherlands
~ Germany
~ England
~ France
~ Belgium
~ Luxembourg
~ Italy
~ Austria
~ Monaco

Looking back even five years, this is no where near where I thought I would end up.  I figured that I would be single for the rest of my days.  God had other plans for me.

For our second anniversary Aaron planned a trip to the south of France.  A place that I have mentioned a number of times that I would like to go and see.  We stayed at a little BnB in a town called Biot.  We were outside of the actual medieval part of the town a little ways, but went one evening to have dinner there, and check it out some.  The earliest days that they have records of this town, date back to 1187!  That's old!! :)

We were only about a 40 minute drive from Monaco, so we HAD to go check that out, as well as add another country to the list, we're up to 9 now!   The Formula 1 races were going on this weekend as well, so the place was a zoo.  We didn't get to see too much since most of the city had been blocked off for the race, even though it was Friday, and the qualifying had been done in the morning already.  We didn't stick around too long, since it was about 34C {94F} and not alot of shaded places!  We drove back through the hills up to Biot and rested a bit before going out for dinner.

Saturday we headed out to Juan-les-Pins to see if we could get on the boat tour of the islands, as well as out to Saint Tropez.  We sadly were still sleeping when the only boat left for that particular tour. {We were a little early in the season}  So we found a little restaurant on the beach, ordered a drink and sat and stared out at the beautiful blue water, blue sky and the gorgeous surround landscapes. {all while trying to avoid the topless sunbathers!!!}

While we were walking along the boardwalk we noticed some black smoke on the other side of the bay. Turns out 4 or more yachts went up in flames.  Being that these are small towns, they don't all have there own fire department, so the fire trucks had to come from Nice from the north, or Cannes from the south, both about 30 minute drive from this marina area.

Since we weren't able to get on the boat tour to Saint Tropez on Saturday we decided to drive there on Sunday, about an hours drive away.  Along the way we stopped in St. Maxime, another beautiful harbour!

When we got to Saint Tropez, we parked near the port area, and were nicely accosted by ladies asking of we wanted to go on a harbor cruise.  Since it wasn't expensive we decided to go for it.  We got to see some nice houses and sailboats, as well as one of Elvis Presley's places!

Elvis's place!

one of the tour guides took our picture
Monday during the day we sat in the shade at the beach and just relaxed.  Aaron's face was still hurting a bit, the swelling wasn't going down with the medication yet, so we took it easy.  We went into the old part of the town of Biot for dinner that night.

Tuesday morning we headed back to Amsterdam.  The runways are jutted out into the water, was kinda creepy taking off, I'm glad it was dark when we landed!!!

Sometime in the beginning of our trip, Aaron got bit by a bug and his face started to swell.  We got some meds for him on Sunday, but they weren't helping any, and when we got back here to Amstelveen, he was admitted to the hospital for IV meds on Wednesday.  The swelling is going down now, but they are keeping him till Friday.

To see the rest of the pictures taken, click here.


  1. Hope Aaron feels better soon... love the pictures of your vacation - some of it is a little familiar since we also did a half day in Monaco (to put it on our list) when i was in Europe a few years ago..

  2. Monaco looks absolutely beautiful!

    And that one tree posted after the picture of the red flower - that's amazing! What kind of tree is it? It's so neat looking...

  3. Congratulations on two years and happy anniversary! We're so happy you married us - we love having you in our RCC family. :) We miss you both, but it looks like wonderful experiences you're enjoying. Love to you both.