Friday, July 15, 2011

Haarlem & Corrie ten Boom Museum

Yesterday (July 14th) I went with a few ladies from church to visit the town of Haarlem and to the museum from Corrie ten Boom.  Sadly we were rained heavily upon, so I didn't get too many pictures of the town, but what I was able to see, I will be going back to get a closer look!  We only had about 10 minutes of sunshine when we first got there, which allowed me to take these first few shots.  But by the time we left the museum the rain was coming straight down, blowing sideways, and up under our umbrellas and hats!  We were quite wet by the time we got back to the car!

The door used by the Jews to enter into this safe home.

Becky crawling through the hole in the closet that they had to use

Part of the false wall removed to show the small area that 6 adults hid in for 2-1/2 days

It wasn't a very wide space, and they only had this small pot to use

Food ration cards

Clothing ration cards

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  1. Please, please, PLEASE take Grace here while she's in town!!!