Monday, August 15, 2011

Yes we are still alive and living in Europe!

Umm .. sorry ... I know its been a month since I was here, but not much has really happened in that time.

The weather has been, well, less then cooperative for going out and doing touristy things.  I think in this last month we've had maybe three or four days of no rain at all, but even that could be a stretch in thinking really.

The only thing of interest that has happened really, is this :

According to the doc's I'm due around the beginning of March. :)

So other then sleeping, sleeping and some sleeping, I haven't gone out in the rain other then to get groceries most days!  I have been sooo tired, which thankfully has been my only "morning sickness" symptoms.  Late afternoon and evenings I get a little nauseous feeling, but thankfully that is all!!

Right now we are getting ready to head back to the States for a week of crazy busy insanity visiting friends, and for me to do some maternity clothes shopping, since that is utterly expensive here!

After that the blog should get busy again, as a friend is coming to spend a month here with us.  We are sure to go out and explore while she is here, so I'll have pictures to post, stories to tell and experiences to share!  Praying we have nice weather like we did last fall, so that we aren't carrying umbrellas and wearing layers!


  1. Brenda and Aaron! Such wonderful news! Congratulation!! Glad to hear you are doing well. I'll be praying that things continue that way. Hope you are not too down about the horrible dutch weather... and hopefully your week in the states gives you some nice sunshine. love, Helen.

  2. Congratulations to you, girl! I hope pregnancy is good to you. It's full of aches and pains (especially towards the end), but still one of the most wonderful things I've ever experienced. I would not trade it for the world! Take it easy and rest when you need to. Can't wait to read all the baby updates as well as tourist stuff!!!

  3. wuhoo! Can't wait to see you! :)

    And, you know, we all MISS you-so we want you to blog, even if you haven't been touring about like a lady of leisure. ;)

  4. Officially: Congrats!!! So excited! I love that your test has Dutch writing all over it. Also, can't wait to see you both!

  5. How did I miss the fact that you're coming back for a visit?! And if I haven't already said it, I'm SO very excited for you both!