Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Antwerp, Belgium

Once again we were gone for the weekend.  This time we headed down to Antwerp, Belgium.  A colleague of Aaron's was in town for a training seminar, and since he had already spent time in Amsterdam, was wanting to go somewhere else to visit.

I researched prices and renting a car was pretty much the exact price as taking the train for three people down to Antwerp, and would take less time as well.  Plus we wouldn't be stuck on someone else's schedule, but could come and go as we pleased.

We left around 6 and got in to Antwerp by about 7:30.  After checking into our hotel, we asked for directions to a close restaurant, that had some good food.  They directed us to a Brazilian place.  Good food! :)

Saturday morning when we got up, the sun was shining and the skies were blue and beautiful.  We planned our day and headed out for the old city centre.  We ended up doing a lot of walking, but that was good when it was compared with the amount of chocolate we bought and ate!!!

view from our hotel room window

fun graffiti

We thought about renting bikes, but Ted didn't want to ride without a helmet ...

The giant of Antwerp

The bridal getaway car ~ This one's for you Dad.

City Hall ~ waiting for the bride to come out

Their she is!

only remaining original stain glass window in this cathedral ... one of the oldest in Belgium {I eavesdropped on a passing tour!!}

The following pictures are from the train station in Antwerp.

As it stands, we don't have any other trips planned for a while.  Aaron has used up all his vacation days for the year now.  It looks like our next big trip will be moving back home in March/April with a baby.

We don't have complete details yet, but once again we are living with a bit of a drop of the hat type of lifestyle.  The work contract has changed dynamics, and looks to be finishing in one year instead of three, which means that as soon as the baby and I can travel, we'll be heading back to Portland, Oregon.  When we have more details, we will let you all know.  If anyone does want to come visit us, and see some of Europe, please feel free to do so!!  We know of a few BnB's slightly close that we can work out some arrangements for you!

Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends ... I'm hoping to find something turkey like for tomorrow, but if not, it looks like boerenkool met worst and applesauce are on the menu! :)  YUM!!!

To see all the pictures from our last two weeks, check out this album.  The current pictures start after the ones from the Corrie ten Boom house.

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  1. Love the graffiti!

    Oh, and the news in the last few paragraphs! Dropping hats keep life exciting.