Sunday, January 15, 2012

Chinese Light Festival

Yesterday, Saturday the 14th of January, Aaron & I headed up to visit some of my cousins in Northern Holland.  They had some baby stuff for us to look and and buy if we wanted, since they are finished having children.  I got a pretty sweet stroller with many added parts, as well as this lovely baby blanket!  Echte Nederlands!

After it started to get dark we headed into town to the Chinese Gardens to check out the Chinese Light Festival going on.  Was pretty cool.  Reminded me of the light festival that they have in Niagara Falls.  (I forgot to bring my camera with, so all these were taken with my iPhone. Not bad I must say!)

This picture was taken by my cousin Rieanne.

The balance of the pictures can be seen at the end of this album.


  1. Oh that's so great! I can't wait to see the blanket. I can't, however, imagine baby spit on it. Did they really use it?

  2. It's more of a quilt type blanket then being used for cleaning up, more for in bed or covering up when you go outside. :)

  3. That light show looks fantastic!

    Only a few months 'til you're home! Can't wait to hold your little one. :)