Tuesday, April 12, 2011

1 Month!!

Well we've made it past the one month mark, 11 more to go ... or more? :)

Things we've done in the past month:
~ found a place to live, even if it's 1/3 of the size and 2x the price
~ found a bible believing, bible preaching church to attend
~ set up a bank account
~ bought bikes!
~ learned a few more dutch words

So this past Saturday we went out and purchased bikes... and not some piddly little bikes either, but the full bore Dutch bikes ... and boy, they aren't cheap here! :)  You could probably buy about 8 or 9 bikes back in the States with what we paid for them here ... but it is going to be one of our means of transportation, other then public transit, so it is worth is.

This is mine:

And this is Aaron on his:

From our room window a little ways off in the distance we can see a road with a canal beside it.  Last night we decided to go check it out, and bike a ways.  Well we kept on biking, figuring sooner, hopefully rather then later, we'd come across a road going right, that would take us back to our place.  That didn't happen for a bit... and then it wasn't really going directly west, like we needed but a bit southwest, which was taking us further and further from home.  After I stopped to ask a nice lady for directions, we found our way back home.  All in all it was about 1-1/2 hours of biking for a total of 9.6 kms or just over 5 miles.  We were a little sore needless to say when we got home! :)  But it was worth it and it felt really good!

Here are some of the shots from last nights bike ride:

a narrow one lane road for both directions traffic with bike paths on both sides, and about 6 feet to the canal

For a complete album of all my pictures so far, look over here.

Well I'm off to finish laundry, and then bike to the store to find some measuring spoons and a measuring cup!


  1. I love seeing your updates, Brenda! And your bike is so typically Dutch-looking - I love it!!

  2. How pretty! Love those bikes. Makes me want to go for a ride right now.

  3. Brenda,

    I keep telling Henry to take me there so I can meet his family/see the Netherlands! And now I have friends there. You're in Amsterdam--right? Exciting!