Monday, April 18, 2011

Beautiful weather

So my parents got into Amsterdam on Thursday morning.  I met them at the airport at about 8:30 am, and took them back to the apartment so they could rest and sleep for a bit.  We didn't do much Thursday since they were so tired from flying all night.

Friday after lunch, I took my Dad down to Amsterdam on the Metro/Subway line.  We walked around Centraal Station, down to Dam Square and the Palace, and then over to the Westerkerk and Anne Frank  House.  {The line for the AF house was quite long, so we didn't go in}.

Saturday afternoon we headed out to Culemborg and Wijk bij Duurstede.  Two old towns, just to explore and say we saw them.

Sunday morning we listened to a sermon by Dr. VanVliet, a professor at the Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary.  After lunch we headed out to Spakenburg-Bonschapen to visit with my Dad's cousin and his wife, as well as go to church with them.  Even though it was in Dutch, they had some overheads which Aaron was able to translate on the iPad, so we got a bit out of the sermon.  But it was really nice to visit with family.

This morning my parents left, to go stay in a cottage up near Steenwijk for two weeks.  Aaron and I are heading up there for part of the Easter weekend, and then they'll be coming back down to stay with us for a few days before they head back to Canada.

After they left I headed off for a little bike ride.  The weather is supposed to be 20C (68F) all week, I'm so excited! :)  I stopped to pick up some groceries while I was out, and there was a guy selling flowers there.  I got 50 red tulips for 4.95 euros ($7.10 US; $6.85CAD)  That made me even more excited!! :)


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  1. Oh my, tulips. I can imagine how springy that makes you feel. We are just today beginning to feel like winter is leaving. Sounds like a blessed time with your parents.