Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend

Aaron & I headed north to the cottage that my parents had rented for the two weeks between the time that they are staying with us.  It is out in the middle of the bush, with just a wee little bit of phone service.

We caught the train from the south end of Amsterdam and headed up to Beilen, about 30 minutes from the cottage.  Even at 10:30 in the morning, when we left, it was already hot out!  And it proved to be the basis for the weekend!  At one point the temperature outside was 28C (82F), and that was in the middle of the trees!  Thankfully there was a bit of breeze going through, so we didn't totally shrivel up! :)

Saturday after we got in, we stopped and did some groceries, and then just went back to the cottage to relax and unwind.  It was nice to sit outside and enjoy the breeze, listen to the birds and look at the clear blue sky overhead.  After supper we went for a little drive around the countryside, through a area of land that is owned by the government, and has animals roaming free on it.

Sunday afternoon we went for a drive and ended up in Giethoorn, a little village made up of walkways and canals, no cars allowed.  It was incredibly busy there, being a hot sunny day, as well as Easter weekend.

After that we headed out to Urk, an old fishing village.

The lists of names on the wall are of husbands and sons that have not returned from there fishing expeditions.  The lady is a memorial to the women that stand and watch, waiting eagerly during the storms for the men to come home.

Nothing much is planned for this week until the weekend, when my parents will be back with us a for a few days before they head back home to Canada.


  1. Hey Brenda - I love reading your updates and seeing all your pictures - it's so neat to see what you and Aaron are up to :)

    That cow is so sweet - Danielle and I saw one similar to him when we took a bus tour up to the north end of Scotland one day - his name was Hamish!

    Annnnnnd I have vague memories of going to Giethoorn as a family on one of our many trips to Holland - I'd love to go back, it looks beautiful!

    Stay safe and enjoy Europe for those of us who can't! ♥

  2. Sounds like a blessed Easter day. A little sun would be welcome over here. We enjoyed the day at church then with the Shearers at our house.

  3. Hey there... Lovely pictures, i'd have to second Lauren's comments above about the cow.. funny to see Hamish there in Holland, maybe he goes on vacation too! I loved Giethoorn too...we had some yummy pancakes there i believe.
    Sounds like beautiful weather too - here it was alternately foggy, torrential downpours, brilliant sunshine, cloud and then finally 18 degrees by the end of the day - crazy!