Friday, April 1, 2011


We found a place!! Whoo-hoo!  Well actually, we just decided to stay in the short-stay hotel apartments that we were booked into when we got here.  We had a hard time finding what we wanted/needed, and this place provided it.  And its within budget.  And it has a pool.  And it has a work out room. :)

It's a studio, 1/3 of the size of our apartment back in Portland, but things are just smaller here in Europe, so we'll get used to it.  We've finally unpacked and are just waiting now for the rest of our shipment to get here from the States.

Here is a brief tour of our place ... :)

entry way

bed area ~ comfy!!


living room area

dining room area


view from the doorway

apartment number :)

Last week one morning, as the sun was rising, I took a few pictures of the fog outside.

So that's our new place, all 485 square feet of it ... hope you enjoyed the tour!  


  1. What a cute place! I'm glad you can finally unpack.

  2. Glad you guys can settle now! And I guess the smaller-than-you're-used-to accommodation is all part of the experience, right? :)
    And what gorgeous fog they have!!!

  3. Are the fog pictures from your window??