Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Amsterdam Artis Zoo

Tuesday dawned bright and clear, oh wait, it was supposed to be bright and clear later in the day, but it actually dawned a bit foggy.
on the tram crossing the River Amstel
waiting for the next tram
I decided since it was going to be such a nice day, forecast of 21C (68F), that I would head over to check out the oldest zoo in the Netherlands, the Artis Zoo.  It was well worth the cost of admission too, since it has your regular zoo animals, a planetarium (which I didn't go into), a butterfly conservatory (which if I had put on capris in the morning instead of jeans, I would have stayed in longer!), an aquarium, and lots and lots and lots of walking!  I took around 500 pictures at the zoo... :) thank goodness for digital cameras!!!


The rest of the pictures are located here:

Brenda's Europe Pictorial



  1. Is that pretzel coral? (the 6th zoo pic)

  2. Bev says: Really wonderful pictures--especially amazing underwater ones--those are really hard! I also really like the green beetles--as long as they aren't in my house :D

  3. Oh, I wish we could have gone to the zoo with you Auntie Brenda...says Bethany. I agree! It looks like a fun place...great pics! :)

  4. Love the underwater pics on your photo album! Also, pretty funny to seed the tudor style buildings with the animals. ;)