Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday Sept 6th

Happy Labo(u)r Day! We don't get the holiday here, so Aaron is gone off to work again.

Friday I went out in search of a Windmill, a real one, not one of the new fangled wind towers they have now-a-days, but a real, honest to goodness Dutch Windmill.  And I found one!  Only thing is that it is no longer working, because they built an apartment building beside it, and across the canal and it doesn't get enough wind anymore for it to work.  So it is rundown and starting to fall to pieces, and isn't working anymore.  Here are a few pictures of it though.

Here are some pictures of the canals from the area too.

Friday Aaron got home from work around 6pm and we went out walking, trying to find some place interesting to have dinner.  We asked a lady what she recommended and we ended up at a little Italian place, since it was the only one that wasn't super busy.  It was quite nice and good food.

Saturday morning Aaron cut his foot open on a nail on the living room floor, so we didn't go out and do much that day.  In the afternoon we took the tram down to Centraal Station and were going to walk around a bit, but it was insanely busy!  So we hopped onto another train, and decided to go wherever it took us.  We ended up in the west end of the city in Ijburg.  It seems to be the "West Linn/Lake Oswego" or "Oakville" end of the city, full of fancy condo/apartment buildings and little rich shops.  We walked around a bit, but only stayed for about 1/2 an hour.

Sunday we made our way down to the church.  We had located a church from the Church of Scotland, that according to their website was biblically reformed and on the same page as we are.  But, alas, they are not.  During the sermon, the minister made some references to homosexuals, and at the coffee social afterwards, Aaron commented on it to him.  He then told us that he feels that God made homosexuals as well as the heterosexuals, and we have to accept them as they are, and what they are doing is not a sin.  So we'll now be looking for a different church to attend for the following Sundays.

Today I've got laundry scheduled, and hopefully there is a wind coming through, because I don't have a dryer and will have to hang everything to dry!  Should be interesting with all this humidity!! After I get a few loads on the racks, I'm heading out to the Albert Cuyp Street Market! :) YEA!!

Hope you all have a good day! :)


  1. Was fun to see some pics! :) We continue to pray for Aaron's foot to heal up properly without any problems! So how did the laundry turn out? LOL! I think I would be lost without a dryer. We get so dependent on modern conveniences don't we. Will pray that you find a good church to attend next week. I can only imagine your faces when the pastor made his comments. Miss you guys! HUGS!

  2. We're praying for Aaron's foot to heal and for you two to find a Bible-loving, God-exalting, gospel preaching church while you are there...miss you guys! Keep your eyes on Jesus friends.

  3. Bev says: Glad to see some very nice. Your blog page is really nice too, I really like it. We continue to pray for your adjustments. Sounds like a fun weekend...except church :P

  4. What a beautiful place! How exciting to live in a new country for awhile. We'll pray you can find a good church while you stay.

    I have lived all summer without my dryer and find it relaxing to hang clothes. Now if I HAD to do it, I may not find it so great. :)

  5. That canal is gorgeous! Nicely framed shot. Laundry should be interesting. I only hang diapers and even those I like to fluff in the dryer. But it is very relaxing to be outside doing such a simple, repetitive task. Do you have a rack outside or is it just inside? Sunshine is a good stain remover. Blessings!

  6. I wondered if you guys would set up a blog. It will be fun to see your pictures. The canal looks lovely. Hope Aaron's foot is doing better!