Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Thursday to Wednesday September 9 to 15th

Happy birthday to my Mom! I'm so thankful that she is my Mom!  I thank the LORD that He has given her another year!  And I'm very thankful for Skype! It lets me talk to her whenever, if I'm in Portland or Amsterdam or even a tiny little town in Germany! <3

So I warned most of you that I'm not really a good blogger, I don't do it very often!  So this is going to be a group of days updating! {edit - This started on Tuesday afternoon, but the internet connection wasn't that great, it wasn't letting me upload pictures, so here I'm trying again on Wednesday morning, after Aaron did some magic with the router!}

Thursday afternoon I packed and after Aaron got home around 2pm we headed out to get a rental car.  Thankfully there is a place right around the corner from our apartment, and we can just walk over to it.  The guys in there were nice and helpful, but kinda scoffed that we were renting a car to go to Germany.  I wasn't able to get a picture of the sign going into Germany that trip, but I was able to get one of Aaron going 164 km/hr. (~103 m/hr)

The little town was little ... thats about all it had going for it ... I walked around a bit, but didn't find anything interesting to take pictures of ...

Saturday we didn't do much, other then be lazy around the apartment since we were both feeling slightly under the weather.  Aaron has had a cold for about a week, and I felt like I might be getting it too, but thankfully not.

Sunday we went to a different church, where EVERYTHING was in Dutch ... was interesting, thankfully we could read along with the sermon text in our Bible, otherwise we really wouldn't have known what the minister was preaching on.  Aaron spoke with the minister, and they are going to try to find someone to translate for us.  Hopefully we'll find something out this week when we go back.

Monday I headed out to the one windmill in Amsterdam that is still open to the public.  I had to take the tram to the end of the line, and then walk a ways ... about a total of 7kms (~4 miles) there and back ... but it was a nice bike path to walk on, so it wasn't that bad.  Tiring, and my feet were a little sore when I got home, but it was a nice warm day, with beautiful sunshine!


Even I was there! :)


Tuesday morning we headed back to Germany again, Aaron had to be there for an afternoon/evening meeting session.  We stayed in a different hotel this time, one that had a sauna/health spa attached.  We didn't take advantage of any of it though, was kinda pricey! :)

a driver from Great Britain - weird seeing him on the other
side of the car!


I've created a Picasa online album with all the pictures so far, and will be adding them all there as well, I couldn't possibly put them up here .. :)  So if you care to look, check out this link:

Till next time ... not sure where I'm going in the next couple of days ... maybe shopping downtown tomorrow ... :) if I can figure out the size conversions! 



  1. The only disadvantage with blogging seems to be that I can't "like" every photo that I want too... ;)

  2. Oh yeah... that picture of the speed at 164 is obsolete. I got up to 172km/h :)

  3. Awesome pictures!! Thank you for sharing! Love the windmills, and especially the lazy horse. Hope you both are feeling completely better and are able to enjoy the upcoming weekend! Ta-ta!- Talia

  4. So fun keeping up with you this way! I'm glad you're having a good time thus far.