Friday, September 3, 2010

Wednesday & Thursday Sept 1st & 2nd

Ugh! We miss our sleep number bed! very badly!! Both of the beds in this apartment are quite a bit harder then either of us are used to, so we aren't getting very much sleep, and are waking up with sore backs.  Hopefully we'll hear from the rental company today what they are able to do for us, in regards to getting something softer to sleep on!

Wednesday we both took the Tram and Train down into the office.  I hung out there with Aaron most of the day, getting acquainted with some of his fellow employees.  I took the train back mid afternoon, and worked a bit on unpacking.

Due to the lack of sleep, and still fighting some jet lag, I didn't go out and do much yesterday.  I went and walked around the neighbourhood a bit, and just enjoyed the nice warm weather, even if it was slightly humid out!

I don't have any pictures for you today, but am heading out now to try and find one of the 8 windmills that are still standing in Amsterdam.  According to the website, the one I'm looking for is actually in operation on Fridays, so that should be interesting!

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  1. Life feels so much better on a good night's sleep! Hope you will adjust soon and find something softer to sleep on!